And the violence continues…

At least 14 killed in car bombs in Baghdad:

Five car bombs in Baghdad killed at least 14 people and wounded more than 80, Iraqi police sources said, with one attack close to the “green zone” diplomatic complex.

One bomb exploded just 200-300 metres outside Baghdad’s international zone, close to Iraq’s foreign ministry, killing four and wounding 12 people, the sources said.

The central zone is a highly fortified area of the capital housing western embassies including the US mission. The nearby foreign ministry has been a frequent target of attacks.

Iraq is experiencing some of its worst violence since US troops left 18 months ago, with Sunni Islamist militants including al-Qaida waging an insurgency against the Shia-led government.

Multiple car bombs explode each week, killing scores of people, and the government has launched a security crackdown to try to round up suspected militants.

Thursday’s attacks targeted districts in central, eastern, northern and southern Baghdad, including Shia areas, police said. One bomb, on a trailer carrying gas cylinders in al-Shurta al-Rabaa district, killed four and wounded 18.


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