L’esprit d’Escalier and David Jowlyvitch on BBC Question Time

I’ve been to Question Time before.

I had my hand up the whole time, but only really got to shout (you did hear it on the program) to suggest that the NeoCon being interlocuted by Teresa May should be held down and waterboarded ‘for science’, since he was so keen to defend it as ‘not torture’ and ‘something tv actors have done’ in his apologia for the warmongering of his fellows across the pond and their love for military euphemisms like ‘extraordinary rendition’ and ‘collateral damage’.

You did hear the kerfuffle on the broadcast, honest. All ur anarchy is belong to us.

But, alas, this evening I was not there.

Had I been there, Oh! Comrades…

I would have gone to the studio with a printout of this:


And got my mug in frame and on mic, and verily, would I testify, brother!

“(Holds up article) Can you zoom in on this?

This is an article by David Aaronovitch from April 2003, the disastrous, criminal campaign in Iraq *just* underway at this point, jingoism and missile blueprints in the Warmongers Gazettes, video of smart bombs flying down Iraqi drinking straws on the evening news, embedded reporters and, crucially, a war which he supported, in which he boldly states his truth:

‘If nothing is eventually found, I – as a supporter of the war – will never believe another thing that I am told by our government, or that of the US ever again. And, more to the point, neither will anyone else. Those weapons (WMD’s) had better be there somewhere’ ~ David Aaronovitch, April 2013

And yet here is David Aaronovitch cheerleading YET ANOTHER war, based on zero actual evidence except the say-so of the long since proved craven and mendacious Establishment, who lied and lead us into that Iraqi horror in the first place. There is, at this point, NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE – unless, of course, you trust your Government.

Well, which is it David? Those WMD’s were never found – and yet you still trust the ones who prosecuted that war to lead you into another without showing a shred of believable and concrete evidence as would be required in any court.

Everybody using Libya as an example of a jolly good prang for our boys, needs to check out how Libya is doing right now. Jus’ sayin’.

And can we just rewind to that moment, a few minutes ago, where David Aaronovitich, the jowly man sitting here engorged from suckling on the pustulent festering teat of that carbuncle on the social fabric that is Rupert Murdoch and his grotesque Empire, admonishing the UK PUBLIC that THEY should ‘rethink’ the way they deal with those who are merely *accused* of a sexual crime?

I, and the audience, loved that bit.”


Yeah. If I’d gone, I’d have gone like that.


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